How To Hide Sex Toys


If you're looking for a discreet way to hide your sex toys, then this article is for you. We'll talk about Discreet Shipping Plus, shoeboxes, closets and even pillow covers. You can also hide the dildo in a spare handbag or an inside pocket. But don't worry - men are not likely to notice. Tampons, on the other hand, scare men!
Discreet Shipping Plus
AMOVIBE offers discreet shipping and packaging for sex toys. The company wraps sex toys in plain boxes similar to cell phone accessory boxes, giving you an extra layer of privacy. AMOVIBE is one of the only online sex toy stores that offers Discreet Shipping Plus. In addition, its curated selection of sex toys is available in the same plain boxes as their cell phones.
Discreet Shipping Plus has innovative features that make it easy to keep sex toys hidden. Customers can select the method of shipping they want and the company will hide the package. Customers can choose between discreet shipping and in-house delivery. The customer must provide a return address for the package. When ordering from a small online store, the shipping company will often ship the package using a different method.
One of the most common storage containers is a shoebox. This small, common box has been a trusted place for storing dildos for centuries. It's not a sight for sore eyes and will not draw suspicion. You can use several shoe boxes stacked in one location and store them as you would any other sex toy. But be aware that the shoebox should not be the sole storage container.
A sock drawer is another great place for hiding sex toys. No one will notice socks in a sock drawer. But don't worry, some toys are discreet and don't look like vibrators. You can place them in a bigger sock, and your snoops won't even know to look for them. If you're worried that someone might discover them, you can even hide them in your bedroom!
Filing cabinets
One of the easiest ways to hide sex toys is in a drawer. Smaller toys can be tucked inside socks or pockets. The larger ones can be wrapped in a folded shirt or pants. Make sure to move them seasonally. If the drawer is too small, look for extra space beneath the bottom drawer. Unhinged drawers may be accessible. You can also use large instruments like drums and keyboards.
Another good hiding place for a sex toy is a hidden box or pouch. This is easy to hide and will make your partner believe you are not hiding anything. If you don't want to show your partner, buy a special storage pouch or box for it. Then, simply place it inside and out of sight. You can also hide it in the underwear or socks. Just make sure to keep the sex toy in a special bag and put it there.

Pillow covers
One of the best ways to conceal sex toys is by using a pillow cover. These pillow covers can be used as decorative accents or as a place to store erotica. These pillow covers are available in a variety of styles and colors, and can conceal a variety of sex toys. Depending on the size, they can also be used as a hiding spot for other erotica or fetish gear.
If you don't want your partner to see you with your sex toy, you can keep them in a small box or pouch. A good hiding place for a sex toy is the sock drawer. To keep your toy safe, fold it in half and store it in there. This way, your partner won't even know it's there! You can also store it in a small drawer under the bed, which provides the perfect hiding spot.
Whether you're looking for a way to avoid getting caught in bed or simply want to snoop around your partner's closet, there are many ways to conceal sex toys. Sex toys can be hidden in thick woolen socks or the tampon box in your jacket. Neither of these options will draw attention - people will usually admire your clothes, but few will inquire about your hidden sex toys. Sex toys can also be hidden in jackets' pockets. Luckily, they can be hidden in zip pockets, even thick materials such as cotton.
To store a dildo, you can hide it in a drawer or inside a pocket. You can also store dildos in out-of-season clothing, such as winter socks. Keeping a dildo in out-of-season clothing is another good idea, since men are naturally scared of tampons. This can be a great way to conceal a dildo, especially if you're using it on a regular basis.


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