How to Dispose of Sex Toys


If you're thinking about how to dispose of sex toys, you're probably wondering where to safely discard them. While you can't throw them in the trash, they're still a biohazard. The good news is that you can safely discard them at an e-waste recycling center. Or, you can simply return them to online distributors. There are also ways to properly recycle sex toys, including taking them to an e-waste recycling centre or donating them through an online programme.
Recyclable sex toys are a biohazard
Sex toys aren't recyclable in the United States, largely because most recyclers don't want items that have come into contact with sexual fluids. Most sex toys are biohazards and aren't processed by law. In addition, handling used sex toys is uncomfortable and often causes contamination. Some recycling facilities don't accept them because they are contaminated by sexual fluids, and they end up in the landfills.
Sex toys are made of several materials. Some of these materials are recyclable, including ABS plastics and pure silicone. Others are made of metal, glass, and treated or recycled hardwood. In countries with strict laws, wood is recyclable. Toys that aren't recyclable must be discarded in a specialist recycling facility, where they will be broken down and turned into new items. While plastic toys may not be recyclable, sex toys that can't be recycled should be thrown away.

Recyclable sex toys can be dropped off at e-waste recycling centres
If you don't have a recycling bin for e-waste, you can take your old sex toys to an e-waste recycling centre. These centers can recycle the sex toys and prepare them for reuse. Batteries can also be recycled. Many people already recycle other types of electronic waste, but sex toys are not included in this.
Using a public recycling centre can be awkward and embarrassing for some people. Some centers are unmanned, but others have workers on hand to sort and recycle these items. You should always clean your used sex toys before dropping them off. If you're unsure of the nearest one, you can visit the website Recycling Near You to find out more about where to drop off your unwanted sex toys.
Some disposal centres have programs that can make disposing of sex toys easy. Instead of throwing them in a skip, simply place them in a trash bag, and the staff at the centre will sort them. The staff will then disassemble the toys and send the silicone, rubber, and plastic parts to a recycling facility. These parts will then be used to create new materials. Some disposal centers also recycle batteries.
Recyclable sex toys can be returned to online distributors
Most sex toys can be returned to online distribution companies, but not all of them can be recycled. In order to make them recyclable, they must first be tested for biohazards. To ensure the safety of their products, they must be soaked in bleach, which is time-consuming and uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are several companies that make it easy to recycle sex toys. Adam and Eve, a behemoth in the sex toys industry, has a bustling website and 58 retail locations. However, it is not possible to recycle sex toys returned under their satisfaction guarantee.
Online distributors offer a recycling service for their products. The company sends the recyclable ABS plastics to a commercial recycler, and saves the silicone for a future store project. Currently, Come As You Are collects approximately 20 items per week, but estimates that some of them cannot be recycled. However, the company will continue to offer Amnesty to their customers.
Recyclable sex toys can be recycled in e-waste recycling programmes
If you're environmentally conscious and want to recycle your sex toys, you can send them to a facility that recycles e-waste. Typically, sex toys are made from plastics or ABS plastics. Some are made from pure silicone, metal, glass, or even recycled hardwood. Some facilities refuse to take these items because they're biohazards. And others refuse to accept them because they've been placed near trash.
Although there's no national sex toy recycling program in Australia, there are many recycling points across the country where you can take your recyclable sex toys. Many local councils offer their own recycling programs and accept electronics such as sex toys. You can also find recycling centers near you using a website called Recycling Near You. If you'd prefer to recycle your sex toys yourself, you can try Lovehoney's website.


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