How to Store Sex Toys Safely

Got a growing collection of pleasure devices? Fantastic! Let's make sure your toys are stored safely and securely. Here are the most practical tips to keep them in top condition:

Clean Before Storing

Before you tuck them away, give your toys a thorough clean with a gentle toy cleaner or mild soap and water. It’s like sending them off to a spa—clean and refreshed, ready for their next adventure!

Use Storage Bags

Imagine your toys as prized possessions—they deserve their own protective cocoons. Invest in breathable storage bags to shield them from dust and damage. Each toy gets its cozy nest, safe from prying eyes and accidental knocks.

Ideal Storage Location

Your toys need a sanctuary too! Find a discreet, easily accessible spot away from curious eyes and hands. Keep them cool and cozy—no overheated encounters, please! Under the bed or in a nightstand drawer are perfect hideaways. Need extra privacy? A lockable storage box ensures your toys stay under wraps until you’re ready to play.