Are Sex Toys Illegal in Dubai?

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If you're wondering if sex toys are illegal in Dubai, you're not alone. There's an expat woman who reportedly ordered sex toys online, then tried to bring them to the UAE via courier. However, Dubai Customs stopped the parcel at the airport, demanding an undertaking from her that could lead to legal action. The sex toys were confiscated and the expat said she paid just Dh300 for one.

Taking sex toys into the UAE is illegal

Taking sex toys into the UAE may seem like a great idea - but it's not. Taking sex toys into the UAE is illegal, and can land you in legal trouble. A courier service spokesperson said that sometimes people order prohibited items without realizing that they are not allowed. In such cases, the courier company has the discretion to confiscate the items. Alternatively, the UAE authorities may arrest and prosecute the individual - as they have done with Charlotte McKinney in the past.

A Geordie Shore actress was recently arrested in Dubai for having a sex toy in her hand luggage. She was travelling with her husband, Adam Frisby, the CEO of fashion brand InTheStyle. Adam Frisby documented the incident on his Instagram Story. Charlotte Crosby and her boyfriend were both pulled over by security officers after the pair allegedly tried to 'bend the rules' and bring the adult device into the country.

The UAE is a strict country that values morality and imposes strict rules. Although prostitution is illegal, Dubai still has massage parlors, which are often geared towards the young. However, this is not the only thing to watch out for when you travel to the UAE. In addition to bringing sex toys, you should not take pornography with you. If you are planning to buy sex toys, you should read about the laws before traveling to Dubai.

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Taking sex toys into the Maldives is illegal

If you're planning a romantic getaway, a Maldives honeymoon is the perfect destination for you and your partner. The Maldives is a tropical paradise with beautiful coral, white sand beaches, and incredible coral reefs. Unfortunately, sex toys are illegal in the Maldives. These seemingly harmless items are banned by the Maldives Customs Service, and you may want to consider purchasing something else if you are planning a romantic getaway.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has strict laws against importing sex toys. In addition to being illegal in the UAE, importing these fetishes will result in steep fines. You should also consider the fact that sex toys fall under the category of pornographic materials, and therefore are prohibited by the Maldives Customs Service. If you do manage to get past the Maldives' strict laws, you may not want to bring them back home with you.

Travelling with sex toys is a hassle. Not only will you be denied entry, but the TSA can confiscate them. Besides the hassle of packing and unpacking sex toys, you'll be arrested if you bring one. This can be a frustrating experience, so avoid bringing sex toys with you. But you don't have to miss the beach of your dreams because of the laws of your destination.

Taking sex toys into Thailand is illegal

Considering the booming sex tourism industry in Thailand, taking sex toys into the country can be a dangerous proposition. While they are considered obscene items, they still fall under the country's banned goods list. Customs officials will confiscate sex toys and keep them until you leave the country. If you get caught, you could face jail time and even criminal prosecution.

In addition to being illegal in Dubai, taking sex toys into Thailand is prohibited in many other countries. Some countries even prohibit the sale of sex toys. In 2011, Thailand made it illegal to bring sex toys into the country. The UAE likewise prohibited the import of adult toys and porn. Taking sex toys into Thailand is a risky proposition. The country is notorious for cracking down on immoral masseuses.

The country's Customs Service does not allow sex toys or other pornographic material into its borders. That includes sex toys, lingerie, books, DVDs, and software. The 1998 Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act criminalizes the sale of adult toys. The law defines adult toys as any sexually explicit device. Toys are also banned in Maldives.


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