Who is the Target Market For Sex Toys?

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It is difficult to know who exactly is buying sex toys. The manufacturers and sellers of these products do not keep track of demographics. They do not know what age ranges the toys target, or what ethnicities they sell to. However, companies may have proprietary information about the types of sexual behaviors their customers are engaging in. There are a few survey methods available, but they lack statistical methodology and controls. Surveys based on self-reporting are unreliable, and online surveys do not always follow statistical methods. However, a large enough number of surveys can give an idea of who's purchasing sex toys in your area.
Online stores are the target market for sex toys
While some sex toys can be purchased in a traditional retail establishment, sex toys sold on online stores are much safer than those bought in brick-and-mortar stores. Many stores will ship sex toys in plain boxes, while others will use a generic LLC name on return labels. While this is less dangerous, it may put your credit card information at risk. So, when you're shopping online, make sure you know what you're buying.
As of 2016, the female end user segment accounted for the largest market share and is projected to hold its position throughout the forecast period. Females buy sex toys in increasing numbers, and most manufacturers target this market with marketing techniques to attract female consumers. In fact, the global sex toys market is projected to reach $29,016.4 million by 2026, with a 7.9% CAGR over the forecast period.
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Female end user segment accounted for largest market size in 2018
The sex toys market is dominated by the female end user segment, with the male end-user segment representing the least share. Despite the popularity of male sex toys, female sex toys remain popular among couples and older women. To attract more female consumers, leading sex toy manufacturers have developed marketing strategies that target these consumers. Listed below are some key trends in the global sex toys market.
The female end user segment accounted for the largest share of the sex toys market in 2018. This increase is due to a growing awareness of sexual self-care among women. Some manufacturers are launching new products that target the health and beauty of women. These include personal lubricants and toy cleaning wipes. Moreover, women are increasing their spending power. This is expected to fuel the growth of the sex toy market.
Online stores maintain secrecy and privacy of the customer's shopping
While online stores can be a bit sketchy at first, many have policies that keep their customers' shopping for sexual toys private. For example, Strange Bedfellas ships their packages in plain boxes and has a generic LLC name on the return label. These practices do not appear on the shipping package or on the customer's credit card statement. And if a customer wants to be completely anonymous when purchasing sexual toys, they may not feel comfortable purchasing from an online store that doesn't keep their privacy and security at the highest level.
Additionally, online stores have added security measures. In the case of sexual toys, a customer may be embarrassed to shop for them in a store, so the products must be packaged in plain, generic packaging. Depending on the size of the online store, this can be done either by dropshipping or organically. It is important to remember that many ad platforms do not allow sexy content, so it may be a good idea to opt for an organic approach.
Niche-oriented products are carving a place in the market
With the growing acceptance of gender differences, niche-oriented products are carving a place in this industry. With the help of the internet, online stores offer a host of advantages, including increased variety, easier price comparison, and door-to-door delivery. Moreover, they are increasing their market penetration in developing countries. Niche-oriented products are not only making their way to the market but also contributing to a healthier marketplace.
In the past, the women's market for sex toys was considered small and insignificant. But the rise of feminist content in films and television shows has paved the way for the emergence of niche-oriented products. In fact, sex-toy shops that are branded as feminist have emerged in major cities across the nation, attracting a growing number of customers.


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