What is the Best Sex Toy For Women?

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If you're looking for a great sex toy for women, you've come to the right place. If your woman loves to feel the heat of her man's mouth, you'll love the latest and greatest sex toys aimed at women. From Bijoux by Dame to Eva II, Lovense by Smile Makers, you'll find the perfect one to make her mouth water.
Bijoux by Dame
When it comes to sensual accessories for women, Bijoux Indiscrets has it all. From erotic cosmetics to intimate toys, they have it all. And they're all 100% vegan. Their mission is to empower women and create unforgettable moments of pleasure. Bijoux is a woman-owned company that designs their products in partnership with women. So what sets them apart from the competition?
The Pom, an invention of Dame, offers a hands-free experience, and is waterproof and flexible. It features 5 different vibration patterns, and is a great choice for first-timers or advanced users. It has hundreds of positive reviews, making it an excellent choice. Dame also offers a 60-day money back guarantee. And because of its women-owned and -founded company, the Bijoux is made by women for women.
Eva II by Dame
The Eva II by Dame is a great sex toy for women, and it can be used during solo play as well. It is fidgety and can be awkward to place, but it does fit well when you know the right position. Start by placing Eva near your clitoris. To adjust its wings, just pull your labia around them. You can then adjust the intensity to your liking.
The Eva II is a 10 percent smaller version of the original. It is easier to insert into your woman's penis, but does not fit as tightly as the original. It lacks a hands-free feature, but the silicone construct and quiet design make up for this. As a female sex toy manufacturer, Dame Products has a large human resource made up of almost exclusively women. Their products are made with a female body in mind, so they're bound to please a woman.
Lelo Sona Cruise by Dame
The sleek, gold and pink'sonic massager' known as the Lelo Sona Cruise from Dame will give your clitoris an unforgettable experience. This device features different intensity levels and vibration modes, with the head of the product looking like a mouth. It places itself over your clitoris and delivers an intense orgasm. The waterproof device comes with Cruise Control so you can set the intensity to your desired level.
Unlike many other products on the market, the 'Sona' uses air flow to stimulate the clit. As such, aiming the device at your clit will not give you the results you're after. You must press it against your clit in order to create a seal, and this will make air move through the device. The space between the tip of the nozzle and the moving plate is minimal - less than a centimeter - when the device is running.
Lovense by Smile Makers
When it comes to a sex toy for women, Lovense by Smile Makers has a ton of features. For example, its 8-inch rechargeable silicone love egg can be controlled remotely and comes with a USB charging cable. You can even play 2D VR videos on the device. Its sleek design and customizable features will delight even the most discerning sex-obsessed woman.

Male Masturbator
The Lovense is very discreet and fits in any woman's purse or pocket. The penile vibrator works on both sexes, making it perfect for discreet foreplay and sex. The toy comes with a USB charging cable and tether. The penile vibrator also works as a massager for the whole body, which is ideal for relieving menstrual cramps.
Women tend to have fewer orgasms than heterosexual men, so it's no wonder that many online sex shops are aimed at helping them close that gap. Smile Makers makes sex toys exclusively for women. Most of the devices are vibrators, which help enhance vaginal stimulation. It also has helpful videos on masturbation. For the indecisive beginner, the company offers a quiz on the various types of sex toys.


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