How to Use a Rabbit Sex Toy

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Before you start using your rabbit sex toy, you should know what to do with it. Graze it along your thighs and along the sides of your vagina. The vibrations it produces will engage the erogenous zones of your partner. After the act, make sure to clean it up. Follow these tips for using your rabbit sex toy properly. And you're all set to enjoy your next erotic adventure!
Graze your rabbit vibrator up and down your thighs
A popular sex toy that's not too far removed from real life is a rabbit vibrator. This toy comes with a variety of features and can be controlled with the Satisfyer Connect App. Its 50 vibration speeds and six different patterns will tantalize your partner. If you have a sensitive area, you might want to purchase a heated rabbit vibrator.
A vibrating rabbit sex toy works by creating a whirring sensation and mimics your lover's fingers. You can use it to simulate sexual intercourse and can leave it at a distance from your clitoris for a realistic feel. Many vibrators are multi-functional, allowing you to choose the intensity of vibration for different areas of your body.
When choosing a vibrating rabbit sex toy, you should make sure it's made from safe materials. The most common materials are ABS plastic and high-grade silicone. Rabbit vibrators are often made of plastics that are safe for your body. Then, you should use them as directed. If you're new to using rabbit vibrators, consider a sex toy made of these materials.
Graze your rabbit vibrator along the sides of your vagina
The clitoral hood is a flap of skin that covers the clitoris. By grazing your rabbit vibrator along the sides of your vagina, you'll produce softer, more pleasurable vibrations. This method is incredibly popular, and can stimulate the entire outside of the vagina. To start, gently press the tip of the vibrator against the inside of your vagina, keeping the contact feather-light. Once there, you can use a small thrust to stimulate the area.
Modern vibrating rabbits are larger than their classic counterparts. They also have "ears" or protruding arms that cradle your clitoris. These toys are usually equipped with multiple speeds and have their own motors. Some have dual stimulation capabilities so that you can choose which one is most appropriate for your needs. Most vibrators are approximately 4 to 6 inches long.
Engage erogenous zones
An engaging sex toy is an excellent way to enliven foreplay and enhance sexual intercourse. Erogenous zones are not only obvious but also vary from person to person. Often neglected areas include the ears, neck, and inner thighs, all of which have many tangible receptors. With a rabbit sex toy, you can engage both of these areas simultaneously.
The shaft of a rabbit sex toy can be inserted vaginally or anal to provide dual or triple stimulation to the clitoris. Because the shaft can be inserted vaginally, couples can engage the erogenous zones in double penetration. During anal sex, couples can use the shaft to stimulate clitoris and g-spot during double penetration.
Clean your rabbit vibrator
There are some important steps you should take to clean your rabbit vibrator sex toy. Proper care can prevent infections and extend the life of your sex toy. To begin with, apply an antibacterial cleaner to the shaft and ears of the vibrator. Use a microfiber towel to apply the cleaner. You can also use antibacterial soap to wash your rabbit vibrator. When the toy is clean, it can be placed in a clean drawer or swaddled in soft lint-free cotton.
If the sex toy contains batteries, be sure to take them out before cleaning. This prevents potential bacteria from growing in the battery compartment, which can lead to mould and corrode. Also, ensure the toy is completely dry before tucking it back into your penis. Once clean, it's best to store it in a cool, dry place. It's also a good idea to keep the rabbit in a pouch to protect it from moisture and debris.


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