How to Properly Clean Sex Toys

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If you want to know how to properly clean your sex toys, then you are in the right place, this article will show you the right way.

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【Porous sex toys are absorbent
【Non-porous sex toys can be washed with mild soap and water
【Cleaning a porous sex toy with UV light causes bacterial vaginosis

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Depending on the type of sex toy you have, you need to clean it differently. For instance, porous sex toys may need to be cleaned with alcohol and cleansing wipes. Finally, you can wipe them with a wet cloth to remove any residue. Lastly, do not use UV light to clean your porous sex toys. This may lead to bacterial vaginosis.

Porous sex toys are absorbent

To clean porous sex toys, start by identifying the materials that they are made of. Plastic, jelly rubber, and vinyl are examples of porous materials. Porous toys can also be made of silicone, elastomer, nylon, or vinyl. Some toys may also be made of other materials such as steel or glass. Porous toys are hard to clean and can harbor bacteria.

To prevent bacterial growth on porous sex toys, they should be cleaned frequently. TPR and jelly rubber, both of which are porous, can still retain germs after being cleaned. When cleaning these porous sex toys, you should use an antibacterial soap and warm water to eliminate germs. Another way to prevent contamination is to cover them with a condom. While most sex toys are safe to use, it is recommended that you use a condom when using TPR sex toys.
To clean a porous sex toy, you should use a mild soap with warm water. Using soap and water is not sufficient. Instead, you should use sex toy cleaners that are meant for this purpose. The porous nature of these toys allows for bacteria to grow and thrive, so you need to make sure you use a sanitizing solution that is safe for them.

Non-porous sex toys can be washed with mild soap and water

If you're worried about bacteria, nonporous sex toys are easy to clean with a mild soap and water solution. Porous products are more difficult to clean and can harbor bacteria. To keep your sex toys clean and safe, use a non-toxic cleaner or disinfectant on them. Porous toys should never be washed with harsh chemicals.

If you're unsure about how to clean porous sex toys, use sex toy cleaners. Many household cleaners can damage porous materials. Also, do not use household soap on porous sex toys because they can trap bacteria. Always wash porous toys carefully and use mild soap to clean them. Non-porous sex toys can be washed with mild soap and water.

You can also use heat, bleach, or alcohol to sanitize non-porous toys. A 10% bleach solution in water is most effective and must be rinsed thoroughly. Avoid antibacterial soaps, as they may leave residue. Many sex toy brands make toy cleaners. Do not submerge battery-operated toys in water as this can damage the motor. Especially for masturbators with batteries, water getting into the masturbator will cause damage to the battery, which will make you lose your precious toy.

If you have a porous sex toy, you can clean it with mild soap and water. But remember not to soak sex toys in water! It may damage the electronic components and battery. Soap residue can interfere with the pH balance of the vagina. So, it is always a good idea to thoroughly dry the toys after each use.

Cleaning Porous Sex Toys with UV Light

Cleaning a porous sex toy with UV light causes bacterial vaginosis

While it may be tempting to simply clean porous sex toys with bleach or hot water, these techniques aren't always effective. In fact, they may even make the condition worse. UV light and bleach can kill bacteria, but they don't disinfect porous sex toys. So, how does UV light disinfect porous sex toys?

The vagina is filled with many bacteria and fungi. When you use a sex toy, you are introducing these microorganisms into your body. The good news is that most of them won't be harmful. The key is to clean the toy regularly and use a disinfectant. If you have bacterial vaginosis, you should try to avoid using a porous sex toy.

The main problem with porous sex toys is that they are difficult to clean. Porous materials can trap bacteria and fungi. The best method is to clean them with an ultraviolet light to kill bacteria that cause bacterial vaginosis. If you have porous sex toys, you should consider using medical-grade silicone to clean them properly.

The other best method is to use a mild soap to clean the porous sex toy. Do not use fancy soaps - they might irritate your vagina and cause infections. Antibacterial soaps contain Triclosan, which interferes with hormones. To dry the toy quickly, you should use a clean towel. You can also soak the toy in boiling water. A dishwasher is also an option.


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