How to Hide Your Sex Toys

by JP Wu on Oct 11, 2022

Sex Toys
If you are worried about your lover finding your sex toys, here are some tips for hiding them. One easy way is to conceal them in your drawers. If your drawers are too small, you can also put them underneath a chest of drawers. Another idea is to hide your dildo in a drawer that you use for other things.
Why hide sex toys
Sex toys are embarrassing for anyone to find, so why not keep them out of sight? Leaving them around the home can make for cringeworthy conversations and recruitment for make-believe games. To prevent this from happening, hide your sex toys in a safe, secure place, such as a closet or sock drawer.
If you don't have a closet or drawer in your bedroom, you can put your sex toys in a waterproof bag. You can even put them inside an old sweatshirt and store them in a closet. This is one of the simplest ways to hide your sex toys.
Another good solution is to put your dildo in the drawer where you keep out of season clothes. You can also hide it in a stuffed animal. Some stuffed animals come with a hidden pouch to help you hide your dildo. If you don't want to hide your dildo in an animal, you can try a fitness bottle. Be sure not to press your dildo too hard into the bottle!
Best place to hide sex toys
The bed is an obvious place to hide sex toys. This is where most people use their dildos, so it makes sense to hide them there. Keeping them in a drawer is also an excellent option. However, you need to make sure that you can safely remove and replace them. Ideally, the place should also be clean, dry, and free of dust and lint. It should also be warm and well-lit.
Another great place to hide sex toys is in a closet. Many closets have empty compartments for personal items. You can also use them to hide dildos. If you don't want to reveal them, you can also use empty suitcases to store them. Another popular hiding spot is the top shelf of a closet.
Another great option is a stuffed toy that has a pouch, which most men won't look for. Although stuffed toys are typically associated with children, some bears actually feature an obscure pouch that's a great hiding place for a dildo. Alternatively, you can keep compact bullet vibrators in a box with a combination lock. Just make sure that it's not accessible when you have female guests over!
Ways to hide sex toys
If you have sex toys, hiding them can be tricky. You can't put them in plain sight in your bedroom, but you can keep them in a safe place. You can put them in a pouch or a box that you can hide. Keeping them in a pouch or box will prevent them from being discovered by your partner.
Another easy way to hide sex toys is to hide them in a drawer. Small sex toys can be easily hidden in a drawer, but make sure that you place them higher up than children's toys. You can also hide compact bullet vibrators in a box of sanitary products. If you have female guests, you can move the box into your bedroom.
Alternatively, you can store your dildo in a chest of drawers. You can place it in a drawer of a nightstand or in a cabinet. You can buy a locking device for the drawer or repurpose an old safe. Moreover, you can use a decorative pillow case to hide your dildo.
Dos and Don'ts When Hiding Sex Toys
The first thing to keep in mind when hiding your sex toys is to put them in a secure place. You can put them in your tampon box, thick socks, or other hidden places. This way, you will be more likely to keep your sex toys hidden. Another option is to hide them in your jacket's pocket or zipper. However, you need to be sure that your kid won't be able to see or reach them.
Another important thing to remember when hiding your sex toys is that they should be clean and dry. This will keep them from attracting dirt or mildew. Another great way to keep your sex toys hidden is to hide them in your purse or bag. This way, your kids will not notice them and will assume they are regular purse contents.
You can also conceal your dildos in drawers where you hide out of season clothing. You can also put them in places like the back of the drawer where your partner will not be able to see them. Another great place to hide your sex toys is in the bathroom. You can hide dildos behind shampoo and conditioner bottles or behind products. You can also place them in drawers in your bed or nightstand.