How to Clean Anal Sex Toys

To keep anal sex toys smelling fresh, here are some tips on how to clean them. First, use coconut oil instead of lube. Apply a thin layer of coconut oil to the anal toy before inserting it. Coconut oil will form a barrier between the smell and the toy. After inserting, remove the toy and clean it using soap and water. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties and will help prevent bacteria and fungi from growing on your toy.
Sanitizing anal sex toys kills bacteria
Before letting your partner use your anal sex toys, make sure you sanitize them first. The germs and bacteria that live in the anal are a lot more infectious than the ones that live in the vagina. Hence, you should disinfect your anal sex toys after every use to kill those bacteria and germs. Sanitizing anal toys is extremely important, as it can lead to serious health issues.
If you're not able to clean your anal sex toys by hand, you can purchase a sterilizing spray that contains antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory zinc salts. This spray works on toys made of silicone, rubber, and latex. It also works with a UV light system that kills 99.9% of the bacteria that live in these toys in just 10 minutes.
Sanitizing anal sex toys kills fungi
After using an anal sex toy, you should disinfect it thoroughly. The dangers of anal germs outweigh those of the mouth and vagina. To be on the safe side, sterilize the toy immediately after each use. You can use a disinfectant to kill fungi and bacteria, as well as other pathogens. Here are some of the most popular sanitization methods for anal toys.
Cleaning anal sex toys is also important because bacteria on the toy can enter the vagina and cause a urinary tract infection. This can cause serious damage, including kidney failure and even sepsis. Furthermore, fungi can be spread through the toy, leading to an infection. Aside from bacteria, the toy could harbor fungi and lead to a fungal infection.
Air-drying anal sex toys
After sex, anal sex toys should be dried before storing them. They may be made of latex, rubber, or jelly, and can become porous after prolonged exposure to moisture and water. While jelly and latex are porous, they do not pose a risk of phthalates, which are harmful chemicals. To clean a porous anal sex toy, you can simply wash it with warm water and a mild antibacterial soap and a paper towel. It is also important to store nonporous toys in their own separate containers.
Anal sex toys made of these materials should be cleaned frequently to prevent the growth of bacteria. Some toys are made of non-porous material, but some are not. Some of these toys contain phthalates, so it is important to check the label before using them. For example, some anal sex toys are made from hypoallergenic medical-grade PVC. This material is safe for use with condoms, but should be sanitized after each use to keep it sterile.
Using coconut oil
Coconut oil has many benefits for your body. This natural moisturizer can be a great choice for anal play and sex. It also lasts longer than silicone lube. However, coconut oil can stain your stuff. If you're looking for a safe alternative, coconut oil is a great choice. Listed below are some of its many benefits. Read on to find out more about coconut oil for sex toys.
First, you should use unrefined coconut oil. You don't want the oil to clog your pores. Coconut oil is also solid, so you should be careful when applying it to bits. Instead, decant a small amount of the oil into a smaller container and use a lid to avoid spillage. This way, you can easily clean the bits without having to worry about getting any greasy residue on your fingers.


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