How to Become a Sex Toy Consultant

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If you are a man and are interested in starting a sex toy business, you can learn how to become a sex toa consultant by signing up for one of the many sex toy companies. Some companies offer a 40% Purchase Discount when you sign up as a consultant and resell the products at a 40% markup. Other companies may be more suited for men. If you don't mind pursuing a business opportunity with a small investment, you can always start with a company like Bedroom Kandi. Some of these companies offer a free consultation with the CEO and a starter pack, which costs $99, and offer up to three-hundred dollars commissions.
Scarlet Girl Pleasure Parties
The female orgasm is the culmination of penetration. The Scarlet Ladies' emphasis on the physicality of pleasure has led to lectures on how to unlock a female orgasm, the secrets of anal sex, and how to select the best sex toys. Women are now much more in control of their sexuality than ever before, and Scarlet Ladies give advice on how to achieve the desired knee-trembling destination.
Starting a pleasure party is simple with the help of a representative from Scarlet Girl. Once you've found a client who wants to join the company, you can plan the rest of the party. You'll need to make sure to have plenty of snacks and lots of laughter. After the pleasure party, it's time to exchange money! After all, a pleasure party is not a business you can quit, and Scarlet Girl's reps can help you make the most of your business.
Recycling the sex toys is another way to support the company's mission to save the environment. After all, this company is celebrating its one-year anniversary of launching its sex toy recycling program. As a certified green business, Scarlet Girl has made a commitment to its community and environmental efforts. By offering their service for free, the company can support the efforts of others who are trying to make the world a better place.
Sweet Toy Delights
If you love to give sex toys to women and want to earn a nice income at the same time, then you should consider becoming a Sweet Toy Delights ad consultant. You can start selling their products for less than $100 and can earn 50% or more of the sales price of each item. You can participate in the company's 100% Paid Hostess Program and get paid to attend annual conferences and live training events. Sweet Toy Delights consultants can host in-home parties and vendor fairs, or you can sell them online with a personalized website.
Intimate Tickles
Interested in becoming a sex toy consultant? If you're interested in selling adult sex toys and accessories, you've come to the right place. Intimate Tickles is the only adult romance company with a dedicated line of Kink products. Consultants will have their own personal shopping center for kink products. Intimate Tickles products are not only designed to make you sexy, but also to give you a better understanding of how to engage in healthy sexuality.
The commission rates for Intimate Tickles are high, too. Their independent consultants earn 45% commission on EVERYTHING they sell. That means they can sell anything - from condoms to sex toys! There are 6 business kits to choose from - one, two, or all six - for just $55.
The company is funded mostly by consultants, who must purchase sex toys for their parties. Consultants must also pay for all their overhead, as well as cover all demo costs. Despite the high commissions, the company's products are a novelty that many women don't need or want. And, the company does not focus on sexual health education training. They have been in business for over twenty years and aren't known for promoting products that aren't necessarily safe.


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