How Often Do Males Masturbate?

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When asked "how often do males masturbate?" 104 men responded with different answers. Some masturbate every day while others do so only a couple of times per month. Interestingly, the frequency of masturbation also varies with the type of relationship a man has. Single men tend to masturbate more frequently than married men, while married men who do not engage in regular sex often masturbate almost as much.
Gen Z
A recent study has found that 21 to 28 year old males have an average of eight to ten times daily masturbation sessions. While this is the norm for the general population, the survey was not conducted with the intention of finding out whether or not females and Gen Z masturbate more frequently than males. The survey's demographic breakdown was not given, and respondents were readers of an urban lifestyle magazine, so the data may not be representative of the general population.
While attitudes toward male masturbator have become more relaxed in recent decades, the social stigma of the practice remains. This may be especially true for older populations who may have been socialized differently from Millennials. The differences in gender roles and sociocultural pressures may have contributed to differences in autoerotic behavior across generations. For example, in France and Spain, where both sexes are Latin-based, there were significant differences in the percentage of males and females who reported masturbation in the previous month.
Millennials are notorious for their frequent masturbation, with 88% claiming to be involved in it. Of those that masturbate, 58% do so weekly or more, while 44% say they do it only once a week. On average, a millennial penis is 6.1 to seven inches long when fully aroused, which is a lot smaller than your average female penis.
According to a study by TENGA, 2,000 men aged 18 to 34 declared they have masturbated at least once in their lifetime. Of these, 6% reported feeling more beautiful than they did before masturbation and 12% said they had a better orgasm. What's the secret to getting a man to masturbate regularly? You might be surprised to learn that men tend to masturbate more than females.
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Generation X
In recent years, there have been several studies examining differences between the generations with regard to their sexual behavior and relationship formation. Researchers studied the differences in the gender roles and sex behaviours among baby boomers, Generation Xers, and millennials. Among these groups, the baby boomers represented the middle group. They were also less likely to have anal sex, report receiving money for sex work, or experience masturbation at sex parties, blackout events, and darkrooms.
Among the baby boomers, the rates of male masturbation were lower than those among the Generation X and millennial generations. This was likely a result of physical aging and the negative perception of masturbation that existed prior to the sexual revolution. This may also explain the decrease in participation in receptive anal intercourse. Cultural changes have made receptive anal sex more acceptable.
Gen X's average session lasts 32 minutes
This generation, known as Gen X, still enjoys reading newspapers and listening to the radio, while spending a combined 7 hours a week on Facebook and other social networks. Although highly digitally savvy, they still prefer to conduct transactions in person. This is partly because they believe that banking is still a person-to-person business and in some ways, this is a sign of brand loyalty.
Millennials' average session lasts 27 minutes
A study by the condom brand SKYN found that the average Millennial's bedroom session lasts around 27 minutes. But, Millennials are not without their own reasons for masturbating. One of the reasons may be their hair colour. While most Millennials have black hair, brown haired men are more likely to masturbate at least twice a week. A recent survey by TENGA found that LGBTQIA+ respondents attributed more benefits to masturbation than non-LGBTQ respondents.
Millennials' average session lasts 32 minutes
Millennials and Gen Zs both enjoy long, satisfying sex and a majority of respondents (93 per cent) say they are good in bed. Those who have more than one sexual partner have more frequent bedtimes, averaging nine sessions a month. And the average bedroom session is long - at more than 32 minutes. According to the Sexual Health Centre, premature ejaculation (PE) is caused by pressure to last longer. For example, watching porn at an early age may teach a person to ejaculate too quickly. But there are a number of other prevention methods, such as changing your diet, limiting masturbation, and not worrying too much about your performance. Sex is a mental process and what you think about during the act will affect your performance.


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