How Many Women Have Sex Toys?

by JP Wu on Aug 09, 2022

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If you are wondering how many women have sex toys, then you've come to the right place. It is estimated that 78 percent of women own a dildo or other sex toy. Even more women have a dildo or sex toy than they may realize. It is important to note that the majority of women buy these items from online sex shops.
78 percent of women own dildos
A recent survey by Lovehoney found that three in four Americans own a dildo or other sex toy. That means that nearly seventy percent of all adult women own sex toys. Men account for a little less than half of these women, but they still have a high number of sex toys. In addition, women are far more likely to own sex toys than men.
The sex toy industry is a multi-billion-dollar business and is constantly growing. The emergence of popular pop culture has made sexual wellness less taboo. According to Statista, the global sex toy industry is expected to reach $52.7 billion dollars by 2021. And if you're a sexy entrepreneur, you're not alone.
While the survey did not measure the prevalence of sex toys, it is notable that over half of women own at least one. Many women find these toys to be an enjoyable source of clitoral stimulation. In fact, 78 percent of women report that they have used sex toys in the past year. The findings from the study suggest that sex toys are an excellent way to increase sexual satisfaction and intimacy.
The study used data collected from 1435 Canadian women. In it, 1435 women were asked to answer a survey about their sex habits and the role of their vaginal microbiome in their overall health. The questionnaire contained questions about the use of genital products, sex toys, and sex behaviour. These results may help guide future research. In addition to the study's quantitative findings, future studies should investigate the use of household objects as tools for sexual pleasure.
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65% of women own at least one sex toy
According to a survey conducted by a sex toy manufacturer, 65% of women and nearly half of men own at least one sex toy. This use of sex toys is not new. A survey by Lovehoney revealed that more than three-fourths of Americans own at least one dildo. The researchers found that the prevalence of owning a dildo is increasing and it was common during lockdowns.
In the survey, the women reported using a sex toy during masturbation, but it was more common among non-binary people and women. During the period of the survey, 65.7% of non-binary people reported using a sex toy. In contrast, 52.9% of women and 37% of men reported using a sex toy during masturbation. However, previous studies have shown that men use sex toys at lower rates than women.
Although sex toys have become increasingly popular, their meaning has changed. Consumer behavior is not the sole determinant of the meaning of sex toys. The study used a sample of 32 female consumers for its study. The women in the sample were heterosexual and German-speaking women aged between 20 and 65, who had purchased a vibrator at least once. The sample was also selected based on whether or not they purchased a sex toy.
Online sex shops are most popular
When it comes to online sex shops for women, you've probably heard about some of the more famous ones. Adam & Even, named after a famous couple, has been around for 45 years and will satisfy all your vices. The site ships discreetly, and its mission is to promote safe sex. The site offers advice from Dr. Jenni Skyler, a leading expert on sexual health. Another popular site is Jimmy Jane, which specializes in sex toys for couples and their partners.
The first thing you should do before shopping for sex toys and accessories is choose a reputable store that sells what you want. Most adult shops have loyalty programs so you can get a discount for returning to a store you've purchased in the past. There are also many different brands and types of products to choose from, so you don't have to make a decision on just one.
Adam & Eve: Originally a physical adult toy store, this site has become a one-stop shop for all things sex. You can browse the site's large selection of sex toys and other lube products for men and women, or simply browse through its catalog. The site also offers discreet billing. A bonus is the variety of free gifts you can get when you spend over $39 on your order.