How Many Sex Toys Can You Own in Texas?

by JP Wu on Aug 09, 2022

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Texas has passed a law that bans the possession of sex toys. The law has drawn legal controversy, and has been challenged in court by sex-toy manufacturers. But a three-judge panel of the U.S. District Court of Appeals has ruled that the law violates individuals' 14th Amendment rights to privacy. Former Attorney General Greg Abbott unsuccessfully appealed the ruling. Recently, Senator Ted Cruz was asked about sex toys during an interview on the radio station WABC.
Six or more dildos
Many people on social media have been baffled by the question of whether six or more dildos are illegal in Texas. The Texas handgun law prohibits owning and possessing six or more dildos, although exceptions are made for law enforcement and medical reasons. While it is illegal to own more than six dildos, this law does not protect the individual or the community from a potential hazard.
The dildo ban is unenforceable in Texas. However, similar laws exist in Alabama, Mississippi and Virginia. While Republicans may be outraged by gun control, they are not outraged by dildo laws. Despite the recent change, many Texas residents continue to face the legal ramifications of the law. While many people argue that it is necessary for the state to pass a law allowing homosexuals to engage in intercourse, this law is unconstitutional.
Male Masturbator
Other dildos
Texas has a sex toy ban. The law states that you cannot own more than six dildos. While it has not been used against dildo owners, the ban still exists. Although it is not often enforced by law enforcement, there have been several bizarre incidents involving dildos. In one case, a former teacher was busted selling a vibrator to undercover cops. She was later acquitted after a trial, but that didn't stop the police from raiding her lingerie store in Lubbock.
While Texas residents are allowed to possess a firearm in public without training, the law says you cannot own more than six obscene devices. This means that a single dildo could be a dangerous weapon. However, there is no such restriction for guns. Despite the recent debate, Texas has stricter gun laws. In 2021, Texas legislators ruled that it is okay to carry a handgun in public. Governor Greg Abbott signed the law.
Buying dildos in public
The Texas legislature has passed a law prohibiting the sale and possession of more than six dildos in a public place. The ban dates back to 1973, but there are exceptions for medical or law enforcement purposes. Some states are not as strict, and even the Federal Trade Commission doesn't approve the sale of dildos in public. In fact, there are currently no sex toys on campus in Texas.
While Thailand's sex tourism industry is thriving, adult toys are still considered illegal in the country. They are considered "obscene" items in Thailand, and are prohibited there. While Thailand tolerates many forms of sex, pushing the boundaries could result in criminal action. In this case, it's important to consider the potential consequences of buying dildos in public. You might have to go to jail if you're caught selling adult toys in public.
Unconstitutional texas sex toys law
Cruz's question about the constitutionality of the Texas sex toys law is not unprecedented. The ruling in 2003 from the 5th Circuit was overturned by a federal judge. However, the plaintiffs appealed this decision, and the state solicitor general's office stepped in and preserved the law. Earlier this month, Cruz was asked about the sex toys ban in an interview on WABC radio. Cruz's response was somewhat surprising but nevertheless, it is a reminder of how deeply rooted the issue has become in our society.
In Miller v. California, the Supreme Court set a standard for obscenity statutes, determining that material must have "no serious value" and "appealing to a rudimentary prurient interest." The Texas law follows these standards, and the sex toys laws are largely focused on the promotion of these products rather than their sale.