Can Christian Virgins Have Sex Toys?

Sex Toys

Traditionally, Christian virgins pledged not to have sex before marriage. Sex toys are used for masturbation. The sex toys are not for public consumption. Rather, they are considered a sacred act. Hence, Christians cannot use these toys in public.
Christian virgins vowed not to have sex until after marriage
The morality of not having sex until after marriage is well known. It is a tradition that goes back to the Roman Empire, when the law defined marriage as a man mating with a woman. While the reason behind a virgin's vow to wait until marriage is not entirely clear, it does have some historical roots.
In the Old Testament, virgins were valued very highly before marriage. A virgin was also called a betrothed. Moreover, having sex with a virgin was considered a shameful act. This tradition of honor and shame made the virgin's status highly valuable.
Sex toys are used for masturbation
Christians who have chosen celibacy should not feel guilt for using sex toys for masturbation. It's perfectly okay for single Christians to masturbate, as long as they are careful to keep it private. The Bible has no direct prohibition against masturbation, and nearly everyone has done it at some point in their lives. Even conservative fundamentalists can't find any biblical proof that masturbation is wrong.
Sex toys provide a safe, intimate space to explore one's sexuality and satisfy one's sexual desire. It is compact and easy to access. It's a great alternative to having sex with a partner. However, sex toys for masturbation are not a substitute for orgasm.

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They are considered a sacred act
In the Christian religion, sex toys are not a sin and virgins may possess them if they are not married. The use of sex toys is not strictly forbidden, however it should be done with great care and with moderation. In the Bible, Jesus makes it clear that sexual intercourse is a sacred act. He also commands his followers to "be fruitful." The Christian spouse's primary role in life is to procreate, and cannot be tampered with or avoided.
Historically, the church has not valued sexual pleasure. It has failed to incorporate the practice into Christian education. This is because of two fundamentally opposed systems of sexual values: the first is the procreational ethic in which male sperm is seen as the seed of life and females are regarded as the nurturers. As a result, both systems are inconsistent with the modern understanding of sexuality and freedom.
They are not for public consumption
A Christian virgin can have sex toys if she wants to, but it must be private. The Bible frowns on pornographers. A troll is a hypocrite with his double standards, and he should be detested for his selective dogma.
They are for arousal
The idea that a Christian virgin cannot have sex toys is completely unfounded. Christians are allowed to have sex toys for arousal as long as they are clean and discreet. Masturbation is a necessary part of human development, and single Christians have legitimate needs. It's unjust to forbid Christians from masturbating, but it's not possible to maintain complete celibacy.


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