Male Masturbator

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Features of AMOVIBE male masturbator

AMOVIBE's male masturbators adopt advanced vacuum pump technology and a unique internal structure design.

This male masturbator has multi-stage vacuum suction and vibration mode. 

When your penis enters the masturbator, the powerful suction of the male masturbator will tightly wrap your penis, and the soft and compact channel will bring you excitement.

If you want to experience a fast orgasm, you can turn on orgasm mode by pressing and holding the orgasm button. 

All functions will have a maximum frequency combination, allowing you to orgasm in no time. 

The silicone elastic material gives you the feeling of a real deep throat, like your partner wrapping his mouth around your penis, giving you a real orgasm experience.

AMOVIBE's automatic male sex machine can also be used as a trainer or training tool to extend your sexual endurance, making you stronger and longer. 

The inner material of AMOVIBE's male masturbator is made of materials certified by international standards, and the realistic 3DTPE particles form a perfect channel, just like the tongue is constantly churning, giving you an incredibly realistic stroking feeling and stimulating every sensory nerve of yours.

How to Use a Male Masturbator

If you are interested in learning how to use a male masturbation device, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll go over what to look for and how to use a male masturbator effectively. You can also try the "The Stranger" technique, which will simulate the hand job and widen the pleasure zone. After you have mastered this technique, you'll want to learn how to extend your solo session with a male masturbator.

Traditionally, vibrators have been marketed to men with a vulva, but they can also be used as a penis massage toy. Using a male masturbator requires that you follow all instructions provided, which can help you enjoy your new toy safely. Kort also recommends changing positions during masturbation. For example, he suggests sitting up and pushing your hips forward. Another tip is to elevate your penis with a pillow and use a small cushion to support it.

While using your male masturbator, you should try various positions. If you're standing, try leaning against a wall or counter. If you're lying down, try sitting up or lying on your stomach. As you get closer to the climax, try increasing your speed. Experiment with different positions and toys. By following these tips, you'll be on your way to having a better time masturbating.

As a stress reliever, male masturbation can be an extremely pleasurable experience for both partners. In addition to being an explosive orgasm inducer, masturbation can also relieve premature ejaculation. As a new man, you might want to try out different sex toys. Whether you choose pocket or sleeve masturbation aids, you can be assured that they will give you some sensations. You can also use anal beads to get backdoor access.

Some guys like to masturbate in front of others, and some prefer to perform this act to a stranger. This method depends on your personal preferences. Some guys have trouble using their imagination and rely on porn instead of masturbation. But for the majority of men, masturbation is a healthy part of life. So, why do you feel shameful when masturbating in public?

A male masturbator is a great option for men with manual dexterity problems, or if you find it difficult to perform manual masturbation. It comes with a variety of accessories, from discrete nodules to realistic-looking vulvae. Some of them even feature a battery for charging and are rechargeable and waterproof. In addition to delivering a realistic suction, some of these devices can even simulate a life-like suction sensation.

When using a male masturbator, remember that every man has his orgasm timer. Some guys rush to the orgasm as quickly as possible, while others take their time and challenge themselves to last longer. And just because a guy is sexually stimulated doesn't automatically trigger an orgasm. It takes more time, energy, and attention. So, a male masturbator can give you the boost you need to prolong your session.