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CHOOSE THE RIGHT ANAL TOYS Anal sex is no longer as taboo as it once was. Anyone can enjoy anal sex toys. But...
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LED Vibrating Butt Plug with 10 Colors & Vibration Settings

LED Vibrating Butt Plug with 10 Colors & Vibration Settings

$89.99 USD$39.99 USD
Color: BlackFeatures: 【10 Unique Vibrations】 Experience mind-blowing anal stimulation with our high-quality rose sex toy vibrating butt plug! With 10 unique vibrations, this women sex toy anal plug vibrator teases...

Ivar - Automatic Vibrating Enema Bulb

$89.99 USD$49.99 USD
ELECTRIC ENEMA 【Unique innovative appearance, ergonomic design】: The new portable version of the electric enema has an ergonomic shape and a comfortable entrance. The nozzle's heavy-duty inner hose allows 360-degree...
Ras - Automatic Vibrating Enema Bulb

Ras - Automatic Vibrating Enema Bulb

$79.99 USD$49.99 USD
AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC ENEMA 【Innovative Remote Control Design and 3 Speeds, 7 V Modes】-Automatic Electric Enema With the unique wireless remote control design, the enema can do the job more efficiently. Control...


Anal sex is no longer as taboo as it once was. Anyone can enjoy anal sex toys. But depending on who you are and what you're looking for, different types of toys will amaze you in different ways.

Types of anal toys:

There are many types of anal toys, there are anal toys for men and anal toys for women. So you need to know the types of these toys when you buy anal toys.

men's anal toys

The best anal toys for men are those that hit the P-spot on the nerve endings, such as prostate massagers or butt plugs. Many people find that vibrating anal sex toys make the P-spot stroke harder. Prostate massagers can trigger prostate orgasms in men, which can make men especially happy.

female anal toys

Butt plugs are teardrop-shaped toys, usually made of silicone, metal, or glass. Some vibrate; others have spinning beads on the bottom of the toy to simulate edging. Pop a butt plug on your rear end and let it rest there for a satisfying satiety.

Anal beads look a bit like a rosary, except that they are thicker and you don't pray with them, but place them in your butt. While you can definitely use anal beads for solo play, they're fun to use with a partner because they're more interactive. "Anal beads are designed to stimulate the anal sphincter through movement," explains Alicia Sinclair, founder of anal sex toy company b-Vibe. When pulled out, each sphere quickly develops a strong feeling. Part of the fun of anal beads is seeing how much you can carry, but it also puts control in the hands of your partner. They can pop each one out and watch you rock with joy. Of course there are many more anal toys for women. It takes your own experience to find the right toy for you.

Advice for newbies to anal sex toys

If you're looking for your first anal toy, you'll want to start with something small and flexible to relax yourself. Check out our beginner anal toys page to browse our curated selection, ranging from pretty butt plugs, slim anal beads and probes.

For those more experienced anal gamers, big anal toys like a big anal dildo or anal beads will make you want more. Many of our products feature a variety of speeds, modes and vibration patterns for maximum stimulation.