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How to Enema In addition to normal vaginal sex, anal sex is a favorite way of sex for many users, but the inside...
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Ras - Automatic Vibrating Enema Bulb

Ras - Automatic Vibrating Enema Bulb

AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC ENEMA 【Innovative Remote Control Design and 3 Speeds, 7 V Modes】-Automatic Electric Enema With the unique wireless remote control design, the enema can do the job more efficiently. Control...

Ivar - Automatic Vibrating Enema Bulb

ELECTRIC ENEMA 【Unique innovative appearance, ergonomic design】: The new portable version of the electric enema has an ergonomic shape and a comfortable entrance. The nozzle's heavy-duty inner hose allows 360-degree...
Enrique - Anti Backflow Enema Bulb

Enrique - Anti Backflow Enema Bulb

Enema Bulb 【Enema Bulb】: The large-capacity enema bulb, the whole body is made of soft silicone material, with a soft texture. Compared with general enema bulbs, amovibe's enema bulbs have...

How to Enema

In addition to normal vaginal sex, anal sex is a favorite way of sex for many users, but the inside of the anus is generally dirty, so cleaning the anus before anal sex is a must. Maintaining good personal hygiene, such as an anal enema, is an essential accessory for anyone. The main purpose of douching is to remove all unnecessary waste from the anus before beginning any type of anal sex.

However, many newbies of anal sex may not be very clear about the enema process. Here is an enema method, please read it carefully to avoid damage during enema.

Preparation: To give an enema, first make sure you have the correct enema product and understand the instructions. You'll also want to make sure you have room to lie down, usually on the bathroom floor, and some towels.

Instructions for most anal enema products include the same series of steps. You'll first apply a lubricant, such as petroleum jelly, to the anus to reduce any discomfort and ensure smooth entry of the enema nozzle.

When ready, insert the nozzle into the anus and squeeze the container (electric enema only requires pressing the switch) to send the fluid out of the nozzle and into the last part of the colon, called the rectum. The fluid usually remains in the rectum for the time specified in the product instructions. It can stay on until the urge to defecate occurs. In some cases, an enema may be recommended to stay in the body for a few minutes or longer. When the time is up, the enema and rectal waste will be released by sitting on the toilet and defecating as usual.

Precautions and Risks:

Most people don't experience any difficulty during an enema, but there are a few things to avoid.

You do not want to insert the enema nozzle too far into the anus and cause pain. And it's rare, but be sure to use the bottle and bag and spout exactly as instructed, as the parts can get stuck, causing a foreign object to clog.

Other considerations include:

Damage to the rectum or bowel due to fluid bloating

discomfort from using liquids that are too cold or too hot

If the enema device is not kept sterile, there is a chance of infection of the intestines.